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Because your favorite furniture should last Forever.
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Lifelong Peace of Mind

We believe in quality over quantity, and that Bundle should be the last furniture you’ll need to buy. We know your home matters. You’re in it for the long run, and so are we.
Lifelong Peace of Mind Lifelong Peace of Mind Bundle

Do We
Do It?

While we are proud to offer such an impressive lifetime warranty, the truth is: it’s not that hard. The technology and materials that exist today to make it possible to create quality, durable products that can last forever. Bundle is unique amongst other furniture brands in our decision to use these high-end materials. While other companies choose to cut corners either because they want to encourage their customers to buy from them again and again, or because they want to boost profits, Bundle doesn’t believe in these practices.
It’s our goal for you to be happy with your furniture for as long as humanly possible, and we hope that you’ll love the furniture you buy from us that you’ll want to continue to build out your home from our collection. It’s simple, really. We build better products for happy homes.
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It’s our goal for you to be happy with your furniture
for as long as humanly possible.
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Don’t Settle for Anything Less

At Bundle we have you, and your furniture, covered.
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The full, small print-free, Bundle Forever Warranty™ is written out on the link below, but to give you a taste, here is what you really need to know:

Bundle's furniture comes with a limited Forever Warranty that only extends to the original owner and is subject to proof of purchase and verification of defect. If you run into any issues with your furniture, please contact us at []. Our covers, seat cushions and back pillows are not covered under the warranty and are designed to last five years with normal wear and tear.

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