Bundle Sofa vs. Burrow Sofa

Bundle Material Decor
Bundle’s sofa uses a steel-welded seat box for maximum durability and strength as well as stylish mixed hardwoods for the frame. A plush material is wrapped around each cushion (order a swatch to feel how soft it is againsts your skin), adding an inviting element of design. Solid wooden legs support the bulk of the sofa and have an applied finish. The cushion covers are made with high performance durable fibers that are stain and water resistant. We’ve done our best to make the sofa as “life-proof” as possible, building it with strong wood and steel, durable fabric to be pet, kid, and mess friendly.
The Burrow sofa uses stain and scratch resistant fabric, but they do warn about sharp claws on their furniture, including the sofa. Burrow also uses hardwood, but otherwise their website is fairly lacking in details concerning the specific materials that make up their sofa.
With Bundle, customizations are easy. You’re able to choose from a variety of modern colors including for the cushions, as well as the cushion configurations. You can also change the arm style to be straight or sloping. You can choose from either 2 back cushions and 1 seat cushion or 3 back cushions and 3 seat cushions. Fit Bundle into your home perfectly with numerous options to make it your own.
Burrow offers multiple colors, but you’re not able to customize the number of cushions in the same way you are with Bundle. You are able to order an ottoman or change one end of the couch to have a built-in ottoman in a chaise style, but this will add an additional $400 to the price tag. Another customizable feature with Burrow is that you’re able to choose between two different arm heights, and multiple leg colors, depending on your preference.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less

At Bundle we have you, and your furniture, covered.
Set Up
Bundle’s sofa comes straight to your door and is ready-to-assemble after unpackaging. Breakdown is just as easy. Both setup and breakdown should take less than 20 minutes - and even less if you are fast with your hands or have friends helping you.
On the assembly manual for Burrow’s sofa, their assembly time is listed as about the same as Bundle’s, making them evenly matched in this category.
For just $999 you can order a Bundle sofa, have it sent straight to your door, enjoy a warranty that lasts forever, and even send it back within the first 60 days, no questions asked, for a full refund. You get a high quality sofa with soft and durable fabric, and a design that will make you proud to show off to your friends and family when they come over for a visit.
With Burrow, you will spend $1395 for their sofa, have only a year long limited warranty, and a trial period of only 30 days. This winner here is clear. Bundle costs less and offers a whole lot more.


The Forever Warranty is one of the best parts of purchasing a Bundle sofa. With Bundle, you can rest assured that if you find a defect in the quality of materials, you’re covered for as long as you own the sofa, which really adds some value to your purchase. Our Forever Warranty is an industry-leading warranty policy, and we feature the whole warranty on our website so you don’t have to worry about any small print. We stand by our products because we know that you want the best quality furniture in your home.

Burrow, like most other comparable sofas on the market, only offers a limited warranty of 1 year. This means that you lose coverage on any defects of materials or quality of craftsmanship that you may notice after merely 1 year. Stress less and feel safe with a sofa that features a warranty that lasts a lifetime by choosing Bundle.

Trial Period

Home Trial Period

As mentioned above, Bundle offers a 60-day home trial period where you can take your new sofa for a risk-free test run. If you’re not totally in love with Bundle you can return it for free. No stress, no hassle. We want your life to be as easy as possible.

Burrow’s trial period is only half as long at 30 days. It’s nice to be able to take the extra time to make sure you are happy with your purchase, and we believe that one month just isn’t enough. Plus, with Burrow there is a 20% fee you will have to pay if the sofa is not returned in the original packaging. Kind of puts a damper on the whole “free” trial thing, doesn’t it? Choose the trusted option and go with Bundle for a longer trial and truly free shipping and returns.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping & Returns

Returns and shipping are free for both the Burrow and Bundle sofas, but the main difference here (as mentioned above as well), is that Burrow charges a 20% fee for any order that is returned without the original packaging. With Bundle, there is no hidden fee and no extraneous charges. Our return policy truly is zero-risk and completely free as long as it is within the 60 day trial period window that starts the moment your sofa is delivered.


Choosing comfort is only the beginning when it comes to sofa purchasing. There are multiple other factors to take into consideration when you’re about to make such a large investment. It’s important to choose a sofa from a company who has your best interest at heart and shows this with a lifetime warranty, premium quality materials that are made to last, and a trial period that’s as long or longer than you need to decide. Bundle offers all of these perks and more to give you the best combination of comfort and customer satisfaction. Choose Bundle and choose peace of mind.